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The Export Control Executive: Liability and Risk Management

Managing directors and board members are personally liable for violations of foreign trade law resulting from the company's organizational deficits. This liability cannot be delegated. The management has four core duties: organizational, personnel selection, information and monitoring. These obligations and their fulfillment must be integrated into the internal export control processes. Only then can sanctions for misconduct be averted or at least reduced. Current judgments show that ignorance does not protect against punishment and that the authorities and courts understand liability for compliance very broadly. Therefore, risk management and an organization for internal export control are essential for the efficient export control management of a company.

Aim of the Seminar:  

Understand the responsibility of the management for the internal organization and supervision of export controls; understand how establish an Internal Compliance Program (ICP).


• Prerequisites and function of the Export Control Executive
• Designation of the Export Control Executive
• Core duties of the Export Control Executive
• Internal Compliance Program (ICP)

Target group:  

Managing directors, board members, heads of departments of EU and third-country companies

Date on request
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