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Online Seminars


Workshop: CBAM for foreign exporters - How to ensure that your products comply with CBAM-requirements

Acquire crucial knowledge and skills for navigating the complexities of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in international markets, ensuring compliance, enhancing competitiveness, and contributing to global sustainability efforts to ensure continued market access to the EU.

Aim of the Seminar:  

Understand and train CBAM-requirements as foreign exporters to EU-customers.


• Overview: How does CBAM work now and in 2026?
• Emissions Reporting: Overview on monitoring and reporting of “embedded emissions” to your EU customers. Which methods are compatible with EU requirements?
• Competition: How to ensure that your products meet CBAM-requirements?
     o Dealing with “complex goods” – How to address CBAM within your own supply chain
     o Self-reporting of your emissions to the EU
     o Data quality
• CBAM Strategy for exporters
• Digital solution(s) for CBAM-reporting and supplier-customer communication

Target group:  

English speaking foreign exporters supplying EU-customers with their goods, having to comply with CBAM-requirements

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