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Online Seminars

Online Seminars 

Customs for Beginners
Annika Deinerth

A company that operates internationally will inevitably come into contact with customs issues. In order to optimise the company's customs clearance processes and avoid economic risks, it is essential that employees in the customs department have a sound basic knowledge. Employees in functions that are not directly "customs related" should also have a certain level of fundamental understanding. Raising the awareness of employees in so-called "interface positions" can help overcome challenges related to customs clearance before problems arise due to non-compliance or even fines. However, experience shows that in practice new colleagues are often trained "on the fly"! Our introductory seminar provides up-to-date essential customs knowledge. Practical tips and case studies are also included.

Aim of the Seminar:  

The one-day beginners seminar provides practical knowledge of customs clearance, clarifies terminology and gives you the confidence you need for your day-to-day work.


- Structure of the customs administration, (D/ EU)
- Why do we have customs duties and what is their purpose?
- Identifying the tariff number/ transparent description of goods Import
- Observe import preferences (WUP Online) - Other import bans and restrictions
- Support from service providers: what to look out for?

- Export basics
- What are the declaration options?
- Identifying the goods tariff number and coding using a case study
- Export preferences - What documents do I need and when (e.g. certificate of origin)?
- Export control basics

Target group:  

Employees or beginners with little or no previous knowledge of customs & foreign trade, employees from other departments (e.g. sales, marketing, controlling, etc.) who need basic knowledge of the subject or have only been superficially introduced to the complex customs processes.

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