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Online Seminars
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Online Seminars 

Technology Transfer, Technical Services and Export Controls
Annika Deinerth

The digitization of the economy is progressing inexorably. Almost every company uses information technology to support its business activities. Electronic data transfers - either within the company or externally - have become completely natural. This development goes hand in hand with the emergence of new data transfer models such as cloud computing, computer internet, etc., which have become an integral part of the IT landscape. At the same time, the economy is becoming more and more global. There is now hardly a company that is not involved in international trade in some way or has connections to international trade. However, technology transfer is regulated by export control laws and subject to restrictions.

Aim of the Seminar:  

Understand how and to which extent export control laws regulates eletronic technology transfers and technical services that companies provide for their customers.


• System and importance of technology data transfer in export control
• Terms: technology, technical documentation, technical support
• Critical technology (export list, dual-use list)
• Export control for outsourcing/data relocation, cloud computing
• Liability of those involved: who is responsible for exporting the data?
• Sanctions regime / addressees of the sanctions regime
• Internal technical and organizational compliance measures / corporate security

Target group:  

Management board, head of IT departments, export control officers and compliance managers of EU and third-country companies

Date on request
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