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Online Seminars

Online Seminars

Online Seminars 

Certificate Course Export Manager for Germany (IHK)
Benjamin Lobedank

Aim of the Seminar:  

Looking to boost your business by expanding your exports? Consider joining our export training programme, where you'll learn how to find business partners in Germany and receive tailored advice to help your company succeed. Our programme also offers the opportunity to learn from experts on global trade and earn a recognized certificate issued by the IHK-Exportakademie GmbH, founded by the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Baden-Württemberg. The course structure includes 10 units and 4 practical workshops, with an additional workshop and test required for certification. With approximately 40 hours of valuable content, this programme offers exceptional value in strengthening your exporting efforts.

Learning sessions and workshops take place from Tuesdays-Fridays in the afternoon.

Please be aware that if you are attending one of our certificate courses you will have to attend at least 80% of the classes and pass the final examination (preparation of a pitch and virtual, 30-minute online discussion) to receive a certificate.


• Compact insight into a wide range of export relevant topics
• Strategic and practice-oriented action and management skills
• Preparation for successful cooperation with German companies.


Export Manager for Germany (IHK) – Programme*
Week 1: Kick-off-Week + Legal Basics
• Introductory Workshop: "Business Location Germany + Business Culture Training"
• Workshop: “Fundamental considerations when entering the German market”
• Unit 1 "Legal Forms of Companies + Distributor, Partnership or Corporation?"
• Unit 2 "Commercial Law & Drafting of Contracts"
• Unit 3 "German Employment Law"
• Unit 4 "Establishment & Taxation of Corporations in Germany"

Week 2: International Trade and Sales
• Unit 5 "Digital Unit - Briefing (Finding Partners - Pitching)"
• Unit 6 "Customs Union, Export Control, Customs Procedures, Access2Markets Database"

• Unit 7 "Supply Chain Law and Sustainability"
• Unit 8 "Public Funding and Procurement"
• Workshop: "Sales I: How to find, motivate and manage a Sales Partner in Germany?"
• Unit 9 "Finding Business Partners and Training for Trade Fairs"
• Unit 10 "Understand your Partner - Procurement: Situation, Processes & Developments"
• Workshop: "Sales II: How to find, motivate and manage a Sales Partner in Germany?"

*Additional sessions for gaining a certificate*
• Workshop / Simulation Game: "Company Pitching - Trial Run"
• Company Pitching: "Individual feedback and Recommendations (part of concluding test)"

*Subject to changes

Target group:  

Highly recommended for managers (junior and senior level) active in the fields of foreign trade, sales and purchasing, business development and internationalization strategies.

Date on request

Depending on preference and membership the course can be attended according to the following options and costs:

If you want to attend the course without aiming for a certificate, please write "Without certificate" in the "Comment"-section in the registration form. If your company is a member of an AHK (German Chambers of Commerce Abroad), please write the name of the "German Chamber of Commerce" your company is a member of in the "Comment"-section.

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