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Online Seminars

Online Seminars

Online Seminars 

Certificate Course for Export and Customs Specialist (IHK) - online
Benjamin Lobedank

With the certificate course "Export and Customs Specialist (IHK)", the IHK-Exportakademie, in cooperation with the IHK Region Stuttgart, offers a comprehensive training course for employees from export, sales or distribution who want to build up or expand their expertise. The content of the course focuses on the business location Germany and includes hands-on knowledge of the complex interrelationships of customs and foreign trade law as well as the tariff classification of goods, the application of incoterms and payment terms. In addition, participants will learn about the characteristics of trading goods between EU Member States, customs procedures and export documents, preference and country of origin determination as well as the fundamentals of operational export control compliance measures.

Aim of the Seminar:  

The participants obtain fundamental and practice-oriented knowledge on complex import / export and foreign trade relations and are able to expand on their expertise and know-how.

Please be aware that if you are attending one of our certificate courses you will have to attend at least 80% of the classes and pass the final examination (5-7 page written paper and virtual, 30-minute online discussion) to receive a certificate.


Basics of foreign trade
• Basic terms
• Distinction between EU and third countries
• Reporting obligations EU and third countries - basics
• Overview of customs procedures
• Applying for an EORI number
• Classification of goods in the customs tariff (HS Code)
• International delivery conditions

Value Added Tax and Customs Clearance
• Value Added Tax
• Customs border clearance
• Classification of goods in the customs tariff - supplementary information

Origin of goods and preferences
• Types of origin
• Commercial origin and certificates of origin
• Preferential agreements and the use of tariff preferences
• Determining preferential origin
• Supplier declarations
• Operational design to ensure origin
• Overview of international payment terms
• Transport order
• ATA/CPD Carnet and alternatives to the Carnet

Practical processing of export documents (commercial invoice, packing list, EUR 1, certificate of origin, etc.)
• ATLAS, customs declarations and foreign trade law
• ATLAS and IAA+
• Verbal customs declaration, approved exporter
• Export control
• Dual-use goods
• Lists of goods and licences
• Summary of the course
• Case study and practical exercises

Target group:  

Beginners and lateral entrants that are entrusted with customs and exports and are looking to understand the export and foreign trade relations and want to expand on their expertise and know-how. Clerks that want to bring their practical knowledge into a systematic context and want to extend on or brush up on their expertise and know-how.

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