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Online Seminars

Online Seminars 

National and EU Export Controls
Benjamin Lobedank

Almost all companies based in Germany / EU do business with other countries or are involved in cross-border trade. However, the legal requirements for export business are extensive and complex. The legal restrictions that exist at a national and European level do not only apply to sensitive goods. The export of harmless goods is also controlled, provided the goods are suitable for critical uses. Further, there are numerous country-specific embargoes of the EU, which contain extensive special regulations. In addition, all German and EU companies must observe the regulations on combating international terrorism. Violations of export control law are not serious offences. Sanctions for violations of export control law are severe and can have a lasting impact on the company's operative business. Companies should thus be familiar with the regulations of national and European export controls and know how to implement them in their daily export processes.

Aim of the Seminar:  

Understand the legal requirements of national and EU export controls and how to establish efficient internal export control processes.


• System of EU & national export controls
• Four cornerstones of export controls
• Situations where export controls apply to a company
• Penalties & liability
• Internal Compliance Program (ICP)

Target group:  

Management board, heads of departments, export control officers and export managers of EU and third-country companies

Date on request
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